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Nikolaj T.

Nikolaj has a very nice drawing style that suits Darkwing rather well. ^_^

I am the thing that goes bump in the night! - Darkwing in one of his classic poses, reciting one of his entrance speeches.


Penelope's art involves taking a screenshot and making it super-smooth. They almost look like paintings!

Angry Bushroot - Reggie, looking mean, lean, and green!

Shifty Negaduck - He does have the knack for being a little sneak, doesn't he?

Sad Quackerjack - Our favorite wacky / scary clown in an unusual moment of gloom. This one's really nice.


Another fan of Flapping Terror with a gift for art. How lucky am I to be getting contributors like this? ^_^

Darkwing Looking Annoyed - Just as it says. DW's expression is captured perfectly! This reminds me of the way he looked in the comics from Disney Adventures magazine.

Megavolt, Also Annoyed - Megavolt poses with a TV. I like the way his hand looks holding that plug. His anatomy looks great, too!

Negaduck and... a duck? - Is Negsy annoyed by the little non-anthro duck smiling at him, or is he wondering what the heck it is? XD

The original Negaduck - Ah, yes, the same bad guy from the episode titled simply, "Negaduck." The guy who started it all and led to the current yellow-jacketed Negsy we know and love to hate. This is a well-drawn scene; I actually feel cornered on the rooftop with this guy. ... Ugh. What a frightening thought. *shudders*


Also known as Bloody Ban, she's a quite a Negaduck fan. (Hey, that almost rhymed!) Her drawings are great, and so is she. I hope to receive more art from her. ^_^

Negaduck Gone Worse, Revisited - If you remember Rachel's old pic, "Negaduck Gone Worse," this is the follow-up to that piece. To sum it up: Negaduck if he went to Hell. I'm starting to fear seeing this image before I go to bed, just as I'm starting to fall asleep... *shudders*

Negadaddy - In case you don't remember, this is Rachel's character, Jake Mallard, father of Negaduck. If I remember correctly, he escaped the Negaverse to work at SHUSH in the Normalverse, in order to hunt down his son... ask Rachel for more details, if you'd like. It's worth it.

"The Path of Consequence"This is the cover to Rachel's fanfiction project, which I hazard to guess is the origin of Negaduck and the history of his family. Nice effect with the blankie and the cape.

Villains - A mini-poster of six of Darkwing's foes: Taurus Bulba, Negaduck, Megavolt, Steelbeak, Splatter Phoenix, and Bushroot.

Mask of Virtue - Jake Mallard, posing beside a quote that sums up the premise of his character.

Roaming Tigress

Webmistress of Steelbeak fan site License to Steel, she's an avid fan of that cocky rooster, and a friend of mine. You can go to her website for more pictures she has drawn!

Lord Negaduck - Remember to call him *Lord* Negaduck when you're in his presence, or it's hello chainsaw and goodbye various limbs. This is a bust picture of Negaduck; that is, his head and shoulders. It's very well done and happens to be one of my favorite pictures by RT.

Steelbeak's hat - For those of you who have seen "The Darkwing Squad," you may remember Steelbeak's black fedora he wore in that episode. Here's Steelie sporting said fedora... but here's my question: how does he fit that huge comb into that little hat?! Bah, who cares! He looks good in that hat! ;)

Darkwing getting the point - It's a classic cartoon pose: pointing finger up with an important expression on the character's face. It suits Darkwing's flair for the dramatic very well. ^_^

Eerie Negaduck - It's hard to place what this picture of Negs is expressing. All I know is, it's very creepy... and very red. Blood red. o_o

Javert headshot - A headshot of Tigress's original character, Javert Adair. This picture was used to create Javert's icon in the fan characters section.

Victoria headshot - And here's a headshot, in b/w, of Tigress's character, Victoria Volatili. This pic was used for her icon in the fan characters section.

"No Beast So Fierce" - A very scary close-up of Steelbeak. O_O TEEF!!! (Ahem... sorry, inside joke of mine.)

Danger Mallard - Roaming Tigress drew this for her friend Tammy, who created this fan character. Danger, or Dane for short, is Drake's biological daughter.

Javert in blue - A well-done portrait of Javert done in blue colored pencil.

The Bantam of the Opera - It's Steelbeak as the Phantom of the Opera. Okay, stop groaning at the pun.

Steelbeak VS. Scar - If they were selling tickets for this event, I'd be the first in line... if Tigress doesn't get there first, considering these are two of her favorite Disney villains.

Chauncer DeMarius - This is one of Tigress' characters, a grey timber wolf SHUSH agent named Chauncer. His expression in this one is classic.

Cameo DeLores - Another one of Tigress' characters, a cowbird who works as a Hamburger Hippo staff member, and doubles as a twisted criminal who gets others landed in jail for no good reason. Oh, well... everyone needs a hobby. >;)

Robed Javert - Javert in a blue plush bathrobe. Just a description of this image should be enough for female fans of RT's fanfics to cringe in self-conflict: on one hand, Javert is a cold-blooded, psychotic killer. On the other hand, he's a damn hot bird. Should you be enjoying this? ... YES, for crying out loud! Get that robe offa him! XD (My apologies to you men out there; I just can't help myself.)

Landon Griffith Mallard - A retired police deputy who looks very similar to Drake Mallard, has the same surname as him, and yet is in no way related to him in any shape or form. Direct all questions to Roaming Tigress. I'm just sitting here admiring his hair and his lovely green eyes. Don't bother me.

Even villains need comfort - ... but I'd never expect such a villain to be Negaduck! Here, poor Negs is crying into Steelbeak's shoulder. Awww. Isn't it amazing how so many people see a softer side to Negaduck? Even I think he has a soft underbelly somewhere. (Don't tell him I said that; he'd maim me.)

Hel-LO, Steelbeak! - Steeling an Animaniacs line there, hee-hee. Steelbeak, lounging, looking as suave and devilish as ever. This one's for da ladehs. >;)

Young Steelie - How Tigress pictures Steelbeak when he first joined F.O.W.L., just after he got his trademark metal beak. Speaking from a woman's perspective (once again, you men out there, I'm sorry), I'd jump him in a second. Speaking from an artist's perspective, RT's got the right idea here. This is how he should have looked in his younger days. Brava, RT!

Jake Mallard profile - A side view of Jake Mallard's head. Jake Mallard is, of course, Rachel's character, and is Negaduck's father.

"The Prince of Darkness" - Concept art based on Roaming Tigress' slash fanfic of the same title. Negaduck is getting possessive over Steelbeak in this one... poor Steelie looks a bit scared.

Buddy for Bushroot - A slightly slashy picture of Steelbeak preening Bushroot's petals. It's so cute! ^.^

Damien Headshot - A pic of Kilthalia's character, Damien Hudigan. I don't like that look on his face... looks like trouble.

Faith Mallard - A headshot of Tammy Wraight's character. She's looking as dangerous as ever. ^_^

A Friendly Face - If Steelbeak was a good guy, this is what RT pictures he would look like. He still has a metal beak, but it's a different design; much more smooth and shiny. He seems pretty approachable to me. ^_^

I Try - Steelbeak, in case some of you haven't noticed, isn't the best at letting his feelings show. This is a picture expressing that, done entirely in blue pencil.

Negsy Nuzzle - More slashiness: Negaduck and Steelbeak nuzzling. I smell blackmail opportunity! >:D

Paloma - A F.O.W.L. agent created by Kitsune Nevakhum, Paloma is of the dove variety, hence his beak. I like his face. :)

The Prince and Princess of Darkness - Headshots of Negaduck and Faith Mallard ([c] Tammy Wraight). Judging from the title, I'd say this is concept art for RT's slash fic, "The Prince of Darkness." No slash content in this pic, tho, fortunately for you squeamish types. :P

Steel-Femme - Steelbeak as a woman?! Wowie! This should prove interesting to you men out there... >;)

More Blackmail - Steelbeak in purple and pink heart boxers, hugging a teddy bear on his bed. This screams blackmail! *evil laugh* Aww, but he looks so cute. It wouldn't be right to do that to poor Steelie... oh, decisions!

"Rendezvous" - Steelbeak enjoys a tummy rub from Bushroot in this sweet and slashy scene. Steelie's expression is wonderful, ain't it? So relaxed and sweet... ^o^

At the Beach - Steelbeak in a beach scene. The perfect summer pin-up for you bird-lovers out there. ;)

"Fedora'd" - Yup, he's wearing that hat again! XD I wonder who... or what... he's glaring at.

Faith headshot - A portrait of Tammy's character in Prismacolor pencils. Artists, have a listen: Prismacolor is expensive, but worth it. Trust me.

"Go ahead... Make my day!" - ACK! The beak! The teeth! DO NOT get on Steelbeak's bad side! *hides* Awesome detailing, tho'.

Hagusa - Details unavailable at the moment.

For Rachel's 20th Birthday - Negs doesn't look too happy about spreading birthday cheer. Heh-heh!

"Negaduck Meets His Match" - Negaduck, engaged in battle with Steelbeak... but all we can see of Steels is his birdie butt. *giggles* Hey, it's a clash-fest for the boys, and eye-candy for the girls! XD

"Pounced" - Slashiness! Bushroot gets pounced by Steelbeak. Lucky plant-duck. ;)

"Taking Aim" - "Hand" gun... pow! Typical Steelbeak moment, wouldn't you agree?

"The Phantom" - Steelbeak as the Phantom of the Opera. I love the shades of blue in this one.

Serena Hikariwa

A fan of the Fearsome Five and Steelbeak, Serena (a.k.a. Christine Smith) is a very friendly person with a good heart and an active imagination.

Megavolt getting the point - I think Megsy just had a bright idea.

Shocking, isn't it? - Megavolt is shocked... and by shocked I mean surprised, not electrocuted.

TV glomp! - I dunno about you, but I'd be freaked out if my TV reached out and hugged me. From a scene in "A Revolution In Home Appliances."

And Serena makes Six - Serena's foxy self poses with the Fearsome Five!

Extra crispy, please - From a scene in "Jailbird." Megavolt attempts to make his prison food more palatable.

Here comes Megsy Cottontail - Megavolt as the Easter Bunny. It may look cute, but if I found this guy leaving me chocolate eggs, I'd volt-- err, bolt!

Shelley L. Inks

An artist with a distinct style, Shelley is good at screengrab alterations as well as original images. See if you can recognize a pose or scene from different episodes hidden within some of her pics!

Shockingly good Megavolt portrait - Check out that stormy background! Megavolt seems incensed about something... I'm thinking the background is depicting his mood in this one. I really like this!

Celeste Oksana Mallard - Here is an image depicting Shelley's fan character, Celeste, in different poses. What a pretty duckling she is!

Death laughs at us all... - This pic gives me chills! It's Quackerjack as the Grim Reaper... with a bloody blade. *gulp*

Contact - Darkwing's looking for something rather important that he dropped... don't you just hate it when this happens? ;)

Even supervillains need hugs - Something you thought you'd never see... Negaduck is hugging someone! Has the Negaverse gone mad?! No, it's just that Negaduck is showing affection for his adopted daughter, Celeste.

Huh? - Megavolt is confused. I'm not sure why. So I'm confused, too. Don't worry, Megsy, you're not alone.

Keleen Vander-Chill - Here is another fan character of Shelley's, the daughter of canon one-time villain, Isis Vanderchill (or however you spell it). Like her mom, she can expel ice... brrr!

You light up my life - Megavolt and his first love. *grins*

Lonely Bushroot - This picture almost made me cry. Poor Reggie... I want to give him a big hug. I know how he feels, believe me.

Megavolt pointing accusingly - Just like it says. A very good one, this.

New Mascot - The Oregon Ducks have a new mascot... and Darkwing is not pleased.

Being a FOWL agent has its perks - Steelbeak gets pampered by three lovely Egg Women. Now, how often do you see Egg Women in fanfics or fan art? Practically never! Remember for all you would-be spies, FOWL is an equal-opportunity lender... fortunately for Steelie.

When there's trouble ya call QW - An absolutely gorgeous picture of a young Quiverwing Quack (as opposed to the numerous pictures out there of her grown up). Gosalyn's eyes look beautiful!

You can run, but you can't hide - This especially holds true with Negaduck... except you can't even run from this guy.

Agent Jake Mallard - A creepy picture of Rachel's character... Negaduck's father! His eyes are so icy blue and cold... it gives me chills.


Also known as The Queen of Slash, Spug has a distinct style that is easily recognized. It's always a treat to look at her works, and I'm always looking forward to her newest pieces. I'm a big fan of her work, and you're about to find out why. ^_^

Don't Look at Me Like That - A comparison of how Spug used to draw to her current style. As you can see from the reactions of Megavolt, Quackerjack, and Bushroot, it's not a pretty sight. ;)

"Moto Psycho" - Megavolt in drag, yay! Here's Megsy and Quackerjack on a motorcyle. Check out their outfits! And take a good look at all the detail on the bike! This is one of my favorites.

Was it something I said? - Quackerjack doesn't know how he did it, but he managed to hurt poor Megavolt's feelings. Aww! *hugs Megavolt*

"You Nobs" - A classic scene in the DW-verse; the Fearsome Four cowering in fear before Negaduck. Negsy's got a bazooka... and look how close Megavolt and Quackerjack are standing! XD

Tracy Bailey

Known as Tracy Pierce when she made these beautiful pieces of artwork (she's married now), Tracy was known to be a HUGE Bushroot fan in her time. She even gave Bushy a wife, Lily, and two children, Maggie (short for Magnolia), and Forrest. Tracy allowed me to post her art (and I didn't even manage to get all of them!), but they're only coming in installments of five per update because she has that many pics!!

The phonecall - A scene from Tracy's fanfic about how Bushroot and Lily first met. This scene takes place not long after they met in Merganser Park. Poor Bushy... he looks so nervous!

Little Maggie Toddler Maggie holding a pot of flowers. Aww!

A dark battle - This is a scene from another fic of Tracy's-- it's about when Lily, then married to Bushroot, suddenly disappears into the future. Thinking she's dead or lost forever, Bushroot becomes truly evil and twisted, taking over Saint Canard. Lily ends up in this alternate future, and she has to go home to stop this all from happening. This piece depicts Darkwing, who has also changed drastically, fighting Bushroot for the last time. I forget what that bottle on the ground is supposed to be, though...

Bishie?! - A grown-up Forrest as a bishonen ("beautiful boy" in Japanese). I remember everybody getting quite a laugh from this one.

Making a face - Lily "pulls a Gosalyn." Bushy is confused.

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